I know it can be difficult to receive criticism. So, I will try my best to be measured, while I also admit I’m fairly outraged from listening to your October 12, Eugene City Council meeting. I’ll admit, too, that while I was repulsed by what I heard from Mike Clark, I was disgusted too in what I didn’t hear from everyone else. Your lack of dissent, your lack of outrage, your lack of courage, tells me that our town is steeped in casual acceptance of white supremacy.

In the meeting, Council Member, Mike Clark draws a false equivalency between a…

Eugene Oregon, Literally killing two birds with one stone!

More Praise for Eugene, Oregon’s City Council and Mayor Vinis!

Well done! My hands are literally hurting from all the applause I’ve been giving you. You don’t hear me, I know (zoom, mute).

Your latest accomplishment: revising definitions in Chapter 4 Offense 4.330, “Animal Control,” to shorten homeless people’s lives by exterminating their pets is brilliant!

Continuing your policies of eradication, you are sure to have positive outcomes: higher property values. I’m salivating like a Pavlovian dog at the thought of an idyllic community of a few rich landowners and happy technology sector renters!

Envision Eugene, am I right? Have you read “The Ones’ Who Walk Away from Omelas?” …

“Everything “human” seems to drift away…” — Peter Handke, Crossing the Sierra de Gredos.

My mom sent me an email saying, “Sending a story for the month of June . . . If you like it, you might write a commentary — nihilist, anarchist, whatever. . .”

I guess she thinks I’m an anarchist or a nihilist, which is true and not. I mean, if a nihilist believes in nothing, I’m actually sort of the opposite. I believe in everything.

Of course, as a writer, and amongst my writer pals, we joke, “People are always coming up to me and…

Publicly owned 1059 Willamette to be given to Private Investor

Eugene Oregon: City Manager’s Office and Mayor undermine community effort toward economic equity and participation.

Dear City Council,

Today you will no doubt approve going forward with transferring 1059 Willamette to the private concern of Miksis/ de Chase. This action follows a 50 year trend in privatization, led famously by Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s under the banner of “trickle down” economics. The policies of privatization have lead to social decay through deinstitutionalization, environmental damage, and a vast transfer of wealth from the public sector to the private.

That transfer of wealth has always been led by racism, where economic…

City Manager’s Office identifies a $6.22 Million disparity between the valuations of the Lane County Office of Assessment and Taxation and private firm Duncan & Brown

To protect a transfer of Millions in wealth from Public Sector to Private, Eugene City Manager’s Office throws Lane County Office of Assessment and Taxation under the bus. That’s a mistake.

The fork is a strategic position in chess, in which the knight (or pawn) moves to a position where it can take either of two pieces. The fork should be considered a strategy for undermining white power perpetuated in the racism of white land-wealth and in symbiotic agreement with police violence. The fork strategy can and should be applied to all City manufactured transfers of wealth from Public to Private as these valuations facilitate graft. Following is the forking of The Lane County Office of Assessment and Taxation and a private, City contracted firm of Duncan and Brown.

Dear Mayor…

Dear Mayor and Council,

You brought up graffiti last night and I wanted to comment. First, it was targeting “graffiti” that was the bedrock of Broken Window Policing in NYC Subways in the early 1990’s.

From Broken Windows policing, we also had the generalized dehumanization of an entire class of human beings that has lead to police killings nationwide. Though not so widely discussed, the shooting death of Kathryn Johnston, 92, in her own home, in 2006 epitomized outcomes of Broken Windows Policing.

Eugene, Oregon: In what one resident called, “ironic,” Mayor of Oregon’s second largest City discovers she is Mayor of “entire city!”

“You can imagine my shock,” Mayor Lucy Vinis said, “I found out that I’m suppose to represent like over 175,000 people. When I close my eyes, I can’t even imagine that many people. You try it. Close your eyes and imagine 175,000 people. I bet you can’t do it.”

1059 Willamette, Gift of 6.8 Million to the Submitter of Only Proposal

RE: 1059 Willamette

Dear City Council,

Let’s first recognize that I am not paid through City Tax dollars or by any industry for the time I’m currently taking in writing to you. Taking my time to write to you is a painful financial loss for me as I struggle to raise my family in this community and during this worldwide pandemic. I do expect your thanks.

My reason for writing is that I wish to raise my children in a moral and equitable community.

I have tried to address the shortcomings of our City Government, now, many times. I was…

Publicly owned 1059 Willamette Worth $6.8 Million, Free!

On National “Public Gift to Private Sector Day,” April 28, Eugene City Council will ceremoniously contract to give $10 Million dollars to local white developers for a negative rate of return of -30%, or a loss of $3Million.

“We’re very excited,” Mayor Lucy Vinis said. “This transfer of community wealth into private hands will ensure the continued supremacy of rich white people over us all. As lap dogs to landowners downtown, we’re so proud to be able to give back in this small way for those campaign contributions. And thank you for those walks!”

Councilman Alan Zelenka with Team Real…

Dear Eugene City Council,

RE: Community Safety Initiative

We’ll be discussing the so-called “Community Safety Initiative.” Let’s review. You instituted a payroll tax that disproportionately taxed workers, to raise funds for “community safety.” You conducted a poll to see what the community wanted in regard to safety and the overwhelming reply was that the community wanted more humanitarian services and NOT more policing.

You would not accept that and began the hard sell of more policing, led by our Police Chief Chris Skinner. In the meantime, George Floyd was murdered by a police officer. He was murdered just as Eliborio…

Otis Haschemeyer

Stegner Fellow, Stanford University; Spivey and Chancellor Fellow, University of Tennessee. PhD, MFA www.storytheory.org

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